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Old Comments:

2011-06-09 09:35:57
I'm sorry, I meant 'admit'.))
2011-06-09 09:32:19
I'm Russian and I have to accept that you are totally right.
2011-03-22 16:27:13
anyone know where the original picture came from ... who took it - any contact information? help would be appreciated
2009-10-31 21:52:52
By 'old world...charm' you mean they passively accept their traditional subordinate role as domestic servants and bearers of children,yes? Well, no doubt, it probably is getting harder to find women like that in the western world.
2009-10-31 15:57:44
Ah, but the girls in Russia and Ukraine are the most beautiful in the world, and they have that wonderful old world Eastern European charm, instead of the arrogance so common here in the USA.
2009-10-23 01:01:17
I agree that the Russians, under the Soviet Union, did very well in the area of space, missiles etc. I can only assume that there was 'special' education for some. There are web sites, Russian and non, that poke jokes about their road building etc. In many areas (ie engineering, dentistry, medical...) the education in the former Soviet Union countries is not recognized at all in Canada. They have to start from scratch when they emigrate to Canada.
2009-10-22 21:48:27
I actually have a kind of grudging admiration for the Russians, stimulated at least in part by reading Farley Mowat's account of his travels in Siberia....and I recall the shock we felt ( I was in high school ) when it was announced that they had successfully placed Sputnik in those bad old days of the Cold War everyone assumed that nuclear war with them was inevitable, and we had believed we had the edge in terms of science and technology...hell, they couldn't even build a reliable could they beat us into space ?...but they did....I'm still not sure they can build a reliable automobile, though...
2009-10-22 18:56:20
Yet, the Russian engineering accomplished mankind's first intercontinental ballistic missile (1957), first satellite (Sputnik 1), first animal in space (the dog Laika on Sputnik 2), first human in space and Earth orbit (cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on Vostok 1), first Moon impact (1959) and unmanned landing, first space station, and first interplanetary probe. (info from Wiki)
2009-10-22 05:00:07
A hundred years is very old in North America, Australia, New Zealand. In Vancouver, we have 'old' (meaning 100 yrs) buildings (some ugly, some beautiful) that have been designated 'Heritage Building'. When the plaque goes up on the building, no one can destroy it. The Russians built beautiful buildings under the Czars. When the communists took power, the ugly apartment blocks went up; road building etc is a joke. I know a guy who got his engineering degree in Russia; none of his (or from any other Soviet country) education is recognized in Canada.
2009-10-21 23:45:50
Sergey could be right...the Russians, lagging behind the rest of the western world in architectural aesthetics and engineering technology, might very well have still been constructing medieval buildings in the 1900's..
2009-10-21 21:41:28
Is not old a hundred years ?
2009-10-21 17:47:43
Actually this is not an "Old Russian Church". This is the church "Spas na krovi", located in St. Petersburg and construction was completed in 1907 - the building is 102 years old! Please be accurate when giving the name of the pictures.