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Old Comments:

2009-03-14 15:03:28
Cohise, you are only an attention whore!!
2009-03-14 04:28:26
Connie, I can be wrong but I think a theory that is wrong is not a theory. So thatís a contradictio in terminis of your part. Itís not even a hypothesis because ... but for this you have to find it out for yourself, of course.
2009-03-14 03:33:23
You are a Stupid person Cohise - Why are you spending so much time on some kind of "theory" especially when it is all wrong? Haven't you got anything constructive to do? Don't fill your world with hate.
2009-03-14 02:21:24
Only as reminder, because It may be read; why not ? Itís a bit too quiet on this page.
2009-03-13 07:35:40
Oh, I'm not worried about getting yanked out. If it is really Mike Lentz, he could threaten Pixdaus. But, he would get nowhere; he would have to bring the suit to Russia, so good luck to him. It would be very expensive. Pixdaus would know that. But, Pixdaus may decide that it's not worth the hazzle, and just boot me out. That's ok; the sky won't fall. I just think it's malicious persona Cohise who's doing this. This is the 2nd message I get this week from a so-called photographer. It's never happened before; so perhaps too much of a coincidence.
2009-03-13 05:58:34
Relax, Connie, no one can 'yank' you out. Or your pictures. Mike Lentz may have his pics removed but that's it. All of us who post the names of photographers are in the 'danger' zone all the time and have to deal with angry photographers who threaten us with all kinds of things... Let Pixdaus deal with it.
2009-03-13 04:33:21
The photographer, Mike Lentz, has put a comment on my page to say that he would tell Pixdaus to yank my photos and me out. So, I may not be around much longer. It's possible that it's a troll who wants me out - Cohise comes to mind. She's been attacking me for a while now, hiding behind a weird persona. C'est la vie - that's live.