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Old Comments:

2009-07-25 17:38:29
If you look in the lower right corner, it has REV ?-60. I can't make out the month, but it looks like 1960. I remember that Woolworth's lunch counter always had good prices. I was told that it was to get you into the store or keep you in the store. I ate many a snack there while my mother shopped.
2009-07-23 14:59:33
My vintage ads get down voted to the max. And this menu gets 16....? I'll accept it but I don't get it. oh well, thats life at pixdaus
2009-07-22 09:44:53
A simpler time,Progress not only took away afffordable food but how about drive ins? How about owing free and clear a home and a car, How about our kids using their imagination to play instead of their fingers to play with video games or text or cell phones?What was all the hype about to CHANGE?
2009-03-07 15:20:01
Hmmm...I paid 25 cents for the Saturday matinee, but couldn't afford a soft drink nor popcorn. Should I admit that my friends and I would use homemade pea-shooters towards the screen? I was pretty good at of all the girls. But not the boys; it wouldn't do to bet them; their feelings would get hurt.
2009-03-07 11:05:40
Sure did brought back good memories. Yep! Those were the good old days gone by. A long road from which there is no return.
2009-03-07 10:24:44 season is about to begin...yeeeaaahhhh !!! exhibition games are already underway in's a long dry spell from the end of football season till baseball starts..nothing to watch but that game where those tall guys bounce that round ball on the floor..I've gotten so desperate sometimes that I've actually watched soccer...but the Yankees? AAArrgghhh....with a team payroll of over 200 million they couldn't even make it to the playoffs....the Phillies, with a payroll less than half that of the Yankees, won the Series..the freakin' Devil Rays from Tampa , with a payroll less than ONE FOURTH that of the Yankees made the playoffs..I bet Joe Torre wakes up smiling every morning just thinking about it..
2009-03-07 08:50:28
Must be near Baseball season. You keep bringing up the Yankees.
2009-03-07 08:35:17
I'd guess the 1950's...when we got to the 6th grade in 1954 they'd let us leave school at lunch time and we'd walk down to a little Dairy Queen-like drive in where you could get a hotdog for 15 cents, a hamburger for a quarter..a soda water ( what Yankees call a soft drink ) was a nickle, and so was a bag of Fritos..and a malt was a quarter, like on the menu cost nine cents to get into the picture show ( what Yankees call The Movies ) till you turned 13, then it shot up to 50 cents..then it became a hard decision, because you could buy five funny books ( what Yankees call comic books ) with fifty cents..
2009-03-07 07:12:08
What year is this from?
2009-03-07 04:12:51
Some girls met their future husbands at the Woolworth counter ;-)