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Old Comments:

2009-11-24 05:23:02
Love the expression of the man on the right.
2009-11-23 23:42:06
Hy patito.. Let him be, don't bother to replay to him, we can't teach him anything so ignore him... ~\_/o here one cup of coffee 4 you
2009-11-23 22:54:32
Said but true, Ms's just what happens when any place is open to the public at large with no filters or gate keepers...along with the ordinary, basically decent common run of humanity, you also get the dregs, the drones, the trash and the loonies....
2009-11-23 22:37:45
Muchas gracias,El Peon....but I think they are probably Philippinos....lots of those fellows served in US armed forces during WW II....
2009-11-23 19:19:59
Great shot!! Old soviet veterans with new toys... Did you noticed a man yawning in backside? 5 + Keep them coming patito...
2009-11-23 18:31:35
Excellent picture, Patito. The downvoters are in action again, I see. They are here just to terrorize some posters, and the quality and subject matter of the photos do not matter to them at all... - Why don't they start downvoting the pics of the cheaters who endlessly upvote their own pics that are mostly duplicates in any case? Plenty for them do there, I'd say.
2009-11-23 03:48:48
Thanks, Danis !
2009-11-23 01:49:32
Very good photo patito..!