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Old Comments:

2010-08-05 05:53:24
Just squish the little PA like it's a bug ;-)
2010-08-04 23:16:20
To the troll who calls itself Pixdaus Admin: Up yours, Chump :P
2010-08-04 21:16:04
You are full of it! pixdaus administration/tired of patito/it's about time. you are a troublemaker, you are going out of your way to start something here. you keep harrassing poppy for violating copywrite when a huge number of people here do not give credit to the photographer or the websites or anything at all! I believe that this "networking" comment is a clear attempt to sound like connie, because that word has been used by her, but you are not connie! one thing I know about connie is she is not afraid to speak her mind using her own name.but you are a coward you keep changing your name but your motive is always to cause trouble.
2010-08-04 20:55:16
What's the matter, PA? Got that wrong, didn't you, and now you go into hiding? Well done; typical of a troll... hit and hide.
2010-08-04 19:29:28
My game? The game is in your imagination only. Myke Salmon has to be the same MykeSalmon who posted 230 photos some time ago, and we exchanged quite a few comments then... so we are not new acquaintances.
2010-08-04 19:17:22
This is what most of us would call networking Poppy! You send a comment to Myke Salmon sounding like an old friend, but you couldn't possibly be. Myke lives in New Zealand, you live in Finland. Pretty hard to get further apart than that. Myke takes and posts his own photos. You probably don't know which end of a camera is the front end. Myke doesn't violate copyrights. You do. Myke has just posted a single photo. Before that, (and how far back I don't know) he has posted 7. I doubt if you even remember any of them. Myke has only written one comment and you never commented on any of his photo uploads. So, you never had any contact with him in this manner. So, what is your game, Poppy? : )
2010-08-04 18:57:20
: )
2010-08-04 18:49:56
Hello Myke, welcome back! How have you been?