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Old Comments:

2010-01-14 13:06:38
You know Potato, some people like spending, day in day out, their time on looking at the beautiful pics at Pixdaus. I don’t need that. I’m already satisfied if I can “gaming” sometimes on Pixdaus. Perhaps I’ll tell you later a little more about it. Anyway, not yet now. By the way, it’s still time I stop now, I have still some other things to do. But be carefull, don’t fall asleep, nor doze off ! The time I have spent too long here today (what a game), you will pay back, HaHaHaa….
2010-01-14 12:39:12
PS (holding up the tradition): Haven’t you noticed yet that all your adversaries are mad, crazy, fool, and so on… You may fill in the rest yourself because for that kind of matters you have a more wide vocabulary than I. In fact, there is only one SUPERMAN here, and that’s our small potato here, HaHaHaa ….
2010-01-14 12:26:34
Still telling nonsense & still provoking…. So that’s what’s one call offering a truce !? () !? (This is really silly, Cohise..I offered you a truce yesterday....) And also here I notice. So no “truce” then. There is only one Cohise, …. and you will know it ! Why else am I an arrogant person ? You insult my vanity ! Cohise, only one address: Cohise !!! So now, you would like to capitulate, I see. As I’ve already said, you’re not a worthy adversary … You get my reply in one word: "Nuts !" PS: for the future, would you be so kindly to use words which are present in my dictionary ?
2010-01-14 11:54:41
It's been clear to most of us for a long time that you are a seriously disturbed individual, Cohise..everything you say and do here simply re-inforces the impression that you are, indeed, barking mad......Belgium is a civilized country, so there's probably a mental health clinic near us all a favor and get help....
2010-01-14 11:36:48
Muzzling the opposition, Potato ? 12 january 2010 was a glorious VICTORY DAY because that day corporal Potato has shown his REAL FACE ! What so many other people had proclaimed longtime before, came true. Pretending in so many beautiful words to fight for a better Pixdaus-world, he's suited the action to the word: NO LONGER FREEDOM OF SPEECH. The only ones who could keep their freedom of speech, inclusive insulting, calling bad names, provoking and ....., are corporal Potato and all like-minded people. A cultural enrichment. Potato likes to provoke other people but can’t take a reply. In Belgium we’ve a proverb, free translated: “speaking makes replying”. I guess Potato prefers more: “replying makes weeping”. Bye Potato, HaHaHaa .... FREEDOM OF SPEECH (maybe already in mutilated form):
2010-01-14 10:41:56
Read the comments for some insight into the mind of Cohise...
2010-01-13 13:40:26
2009-04-25 01:15:22
Here is a source where you can discover more about books and the like: ( ) It’s an Guardian article with addresses and links about the 10 best bookshops from around the world, according Sean Dodson. And remember: for your books-, bookstores-, bookshops-, library- and other pics, THE address you can take in trust: Cohise. ;-)
2009-03-27 03:58:14
Very good:)
2009-02-14 11:00:54
Cezar, I have given respond to your wish. So long !
2009-02-02 17:48:36
PS: it’s interesting what you told me about your read-preferences.
2009-02-02 17:40:37
It should be “a bit more quicklier”, of course. But it was quickly enough. So, don’t care about it. And now something completely different. “How to evaluate and to speak about books you don’t have read” (with the accent on “don’t”, instead of “haven’t read”) is the free translated title of a French book wherein the author plead that it isn’t forcedly necessary to read books for being cultivated, educated and so on. It can help but one should find the balance between both. For reading this essay – because that is it - it’s recommended that you take your time (it’s not a matter of speed-reading or looking it trough – that’s something you can do later) and that you have an open – and critical mind. Playful work, not an black-white picture, in short: interesting. Of course, it goes without saying that I haven’t read it yet.
2009-02-02 05:38:29
Thanks for the answer. Reply will follow (perhaps tomorrow). I have coincidentally, but not intentionally (!), also to leave my location.
2009-02-02 04:45:30
Maybe. Anyway, no one can say it better.
2009-02-02 03:38:47
I had the politeness to give you an answer on your question. I hope you will have the same civility and that I will got an answer on the already partly submitted questions: are you a reader and why ? And a bit more quickly than the former reply, please.
2009-02-02 02:20:39
Well, I'm waiting !!! Your answer !?
2009-02-02 02:15:18
Pixdaus can’t write a “I” with 2 dots on it. That’s what we have with these pictures-lovers. So I repeat, but these time a little more correct: “I’m a drunkard, an alcoholic, a sluggard, an egoist, a …, but a reader ? No, I don’t think so. Are you ?” In fact, for looking at pixtures, reading isn’t a skill that is demand.
2009-02-02 02:06:59
I’m a drunkard, an alcoholic, a sluggard, an egoïst, a ..., but a reader ? No, I don’t think so. Are you ?
2009-01-29 08:25:04
Nice picture. Post more like this please. ;)
2009-01-28 17:37:12
ôé âéâ3ö4ëéïèçêç!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009-01-28 13:51:36
A view from inside the bookstore Shakespeare & Co in Paris. Photo by Toshio Kishiyama.