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Old Comments:

2009-05-10 14:35:50
salammitra jan. mamnonam ke omadin va be akse man emtiaz dady. baz ham aks ezafe mikonam ama kamtar kheili dargir dars hastam
2009-03-06 01:57:55
I entirely agree with Patito’s comment. This type of trolling - together with accusations based on suppositions, guesses and overworked imaginations - is not to be tolerated. If it continues, there are many of us here who most certainly will lodge complaints with the site admin and such complaints will lead to a permanent ban for those responsible for the trolling. Connie is not ‘guilty’ of any of the ‘charges’ directed at her. None of us can possibly know in this anonymous world as to who is who, and what does it matter in the first place? Using good pictures for the purpose of being able to attack innocent people and tarnish their reputation is a low act also.
2009-03-05 20:15:23
I think I can speak for the vast majority of folks here when I say I am heartily and utterly weary of this bullshit ! You may not be aware of it, but it is possible to have a user banned permanently from this site based on an IP number. It has happened before when trolling reached a point at which it became intolerable. If you piss enough of us off and enough complaints are registered with the site adminintrators, that's exactly what will happen.
2009-03-05 20:05:45
He's signed instead of me I have not written OK is dishonest And liar Me donate