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Old Comments:

2010-11-17 20:19:41
dr freud is full of you-know-what. but then, he always was. all those drugs addled his brain :D
2010-11-17 05:06:19
Logan, Kraut Pounders should NEVER attempt humor....the results are painful, kinda like listening to Jerry Lewis try to sing....being funny just isn't something you're good at, so stick to things you do well, like making cars, brewing beer, and world conquest..well, come to think of it, you weren't very good at that last one either, were you ?
2010-11-17 02:53:50
Typikal charakteristics for a small mind like Patito: No akceptance of different opinions! Pleaz pay attention to hiz malapropos vular language again!! And hiz arbitrary assumption that he speakz for "the rest of Pixdaus"!!! Megalomania and overestimation of hiz own capabilities charakterize deranged "persons" like Patito! He just can't keep hiz mouth shut when people have other opinions and beliefs! Patito don't want to be ignored, so he wrote hiz insane rubbish to excite and attracting interest because his real life is empty and boring. I guezz sat he iz a henpecked huzband. Best regards Dr.Freud
2010-11-16 22:23:37
cindergirl is losing her sight on this site because we have too much porn? what porn? where? :D
2010-11-16 22:06:36
Oh, go stuff it up your butt, C.G....the last thing this site needs is another self-righteous mope whining and moralizing and preaching to the rest of us.
2010-11-16 19:29:48
Pixdaus ruining it's sight of beautiful nature pictures, with porn crap!!!!