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Old Comments:

2008-07-03 22:17:36
I employed a builder like that............. or was it a bodger?
2008-03-09 17:02:12
This photo was taken in the Lake District, on the B5289, just outside Keswick. Maybe you live quite near there? Ive heard there is a very nasty set of badgers going around defacing road signs and postboxes in that area, they have a special Crimestoppers number to ring if you see any suspicious badger activity.
2008-03-08 22:35:32
I remember seeing one of those signs quite near where I live. Sadly, badgers defaced it and it lives no more. They probably replaced it with a generic animals sign or the like.
2008-03-08 21:09:41
Badgers! Badgers! Badgers! Badgers! ... ad nauseum.
2008-03-08 21:09:18
2008-03-08 18:51:49
did he not see the warning signs?
2008-03-08 17:54:44
My cousin died from a badger attack. Thanks for making fun.
2008-03-08 15:02:17
Badgers can be ferocious if cornered. Be very careful!