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Old Comments:

2008-12-08 14:09:47
Sorry miss connie, but I am running with 20/10 vision. You will see the continuation of the street on the upper left. I write as if English were a second language, but I can see:)
2008-12-08 05:30:28
My eyes see the snow being blown onto the guy's yard - but then I'm older with weaker eyes.
2008-12-07 18:35:30
Notice how the snowblower is shooting the snow onto the street instead of the guy's yard. What a dick.
2008-02-27 14:43:55
Yesterday afternoon it was 15°C. There are no real winters any more.
2008-02-27 13:35:51
2008-02-24 11:59:09
dont't kill him, they already got kennny!!!!!
2008-02-24 03:14:48
here it is "OMG!" by LEPRA, 50 votes
2008-02-24 02:48:29
duplicate from today or yesterday!