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Old Comments:

2010-12-17 09:38:18
What a gut wenching photo! This is an excellent shot. It does what photography is suppose to do.....make us feel.
2008-11-17 00:07:31
you can photoshop anything, but here you can't photoshop the feelings.
2008-08-30 08:18:57
2008-08-22 01:10:29
We are very interested in this person. Any information will be helpful, and should be forwarded to our office in either Toronto or Montreal.
2008-08-22 00:50:41
c'est toi avec tes conneries, Quebec whore. you are garbage. oh and learn English, there's no "shut off", Quebec whore.
2008-08-22 00:21:22
fuck off joe with your cliche anti-US crap. educate yourself on the massive humanitarian things the US has done in Iraq and A-stan and too many other places and times to mention, then grow up, then come back to the table.
2008-08-21 23:08:04
good point, joe! why do humans always blame god for the evil things, they do?
2008-08-21 14:24:27
Should be entitled, "Just after he killed her parents."
2008-08-21 02:37:39
there never was a God, Cait. Nietzsche was making a metaphor.
2008-08-20 12:03:18
You are dead or deaf! Most people are deaf and blind and blaiming God for not hearing them.
2008-08-20 10:56:30
God is dead.
2008-08-20 06:52:51
This has been posted many times all over the internet, and possibly here.