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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2010-08-21 14:43:43
When I first saw this I thought the same thing (photoshopped?). After I read the story I decided to bring here. I was sure at least a few of you would appreciate it if you read the story behind it. Dogs and deer WILL play and make friends. An old friend of mine had a Sheltie Collie that would chase after deer, few minutes later the deer would be chasing the sheltie. It was really amazing. Thank you for your time. Lightbox
2010-08-21 13:41:14
When I first saw this picture, I thought to myself that this picture was waaay overly photoshopped... but it was obviously for good reason! Thanks for the explanation and this is a very interesting photo.
2010-08-16 15:22:12
It's not always the picture quality that I like to see but something unique and special like this pic, your dog was so nice looking and he must have been gentle with the little deer, it's nice to see they got along well together.
2010-08-16 15:09:13
Author's note: This isn't the best quality photo, but it's special. It was taken at night so it was dark and their eyes glowed. With some help I did the best to improve the quality. For obvious reasons it's special, but also because they both aren't here anymore. Brock passed away recently and the little orphan went to a rehabber. Having the fawn around was definitely a special experience. As as you can see in previous photos, she got along well with the dogs and cats :)