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2008-12-11 01:29:32
Salud Please, dont eat it. Por favor no coman pulpo.
2008-08-03 07:05:40
That is a beautiful octopus. I feel as though it is extremely bad luck to consume any creature especially those with eight legs. Although culture insists everywhere on eating all sorts maybe culture is overrated sometimes LOL.
2008-08-02 16:53:59
Shaking my head laughing
2008-08-02 11:58:23
An old fisherman down at Port Boliver had a pet octopus..taught it how to play checkers..damndest thing you ever saw..old fellow would move, octopus ( he kept it in a big bucket) would move...people would remark how smart the octopus was, and the old fellow would explain the octopus wasn't all that smart since he usually beat him 2 games out of 3.