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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2010-10-10 09:41:22
Many thanks, Dingbat.... :)
2010-10-10 09:38:42
hey, there are no turfs here. no worries, picturegirl. :)
2010-10-10 09:17:38
Sorry Dingbat. I stepped in on your turf there... :(
2010-10-10 09:15:02
Yes, I agree Coy. Love those blue eyes and the flowers too... :)
2010-10-10 09:14:03
thanks a lot, coy! :) the eys are hypnotic... zzzzzzzz.
2010-10-10 09:12:12
Very nice postings today dingbat. I especialy like this one...