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Old Comments:

2008-03-22 01:56:23
Beautiful shot!
2008-03-20 13:14:22
If I may plug my own site, here is another night time view of the same observatory, this time showing some of the other domes as well, using a more modern and ordinary camera.
2008-03-20 13:10:49
That is the V. M. Blanco 4-m telescope at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, Chile, South America. The image was taken using a liquid nitrogen cooled CCD detector - usually used on the telescope itself - by Roger Smith. (How do I know? I am the scientist responsible for the telescope.) The integration time was probably around a minute or so - it couldn't have been much longer or the star images would have trailed. Roger is now at CalTech, you'd have to ask him to get more info.
2008-03-19 23:46:27
Cornelius 2. 'Which' observatory please?
2008-03-19 20:58:55
Man. What kind of film was that? How long was the exposure?