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2011-07-17 02:27:49
Imagine that ! I certainly don't want any part of such an Internet Site either ! The very idea of someone actually thinking that a field of oats might somehow qualify as nature is just preposterous! How, we must wonder, could a human mind operate in such a deluded manner as to possibly think of oats as something natural ! I suspect they probably smoked LSD when they were in college ! Oats, it is well known, are manufactured in huge factories that belch smoke, pollute streams, contribute to global warming and are probably destroying the rain forest.
2011-07-17 01:59:57
I was directed to Pixdaus, thinking that it was an Internet Site for nature photos. And what do I find, a photo of a field of oats (and not even a good photo) that has been upvoted 30 times. This is something that I certainly don't want to be a part of!