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Posted By:PK

Old Comments:

2008-10-15 22:57:49
its true not only japanese the bombardment of dresden took 150 000 civil lives, almost as hiroshima and nagasaki together
2008-03-12 05:48:22
That's an interesting point. Can you prove it?
2008-01-31 08:14:01
Think about all the Hell everyone went through during war. Soldiers, civilians on both sides paid high prices during that war. Don't stand on a pulpit and try to preach about 9/11. Those two have nothing in common. The Bomb was dropped in an attempt to end the fight before so many American lives were lost. It is the ultimate responsibility of the leader of every country to weigh the lives of their country-men. Ours did and made a decision. All leaders of mention have had to make some choice like that. And whether they went as giants or villains is left to time. Could you make such a choice?
2008-01-30 21:18:35
You really believe what you proclaim here?
2008-01-30 21:16:28
I totally agree.
2008-01-29 09:30:20
more lives were lost due to conventional fire bombing of japanese cities than at hiroshima and nagasaki
2008-01-28 01:57:44
Its obvious that you know absolutly nothing of history or the Iraq war, go back to driving a taxi.
2008-01-27 16:08:55
Yeah yeah yeah... Not take Saddam Hussein, who was doing exactly the same thing: ruling a country inhabited by incompatible and agressive factions, he kept the country from civil war and millions of people from getting killed, by killing just a few, which, as we all know now, was the only way to keep Iraq in at least some resemblance of order. Yet the very same people who justify the terrorist bombing of Japan accuse Saddam of being a tyrant. Define hypocrisy... Of course, everyone understrands perfectly well, that the above reationale of bombing Japan is just laughable nonsense. In reality USA pursued only two things: 1) make a real test of the bomb, 2) show off in from of USSR.
2008-01-26 09:29:13
Rick you are the man! you took the words right out of my mouth..thx bro
2008-01-25 22:42:48
They DID deserve it! HAH! FACT!!
2008-01-25 09:43:52
Hitler had people working on such a project too, before america did. I'm kinda glad he didn't get his hands on them. Anyway, I imagine you are referring to Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Japan attacked america first and, despite repeated offers to surrender, continued to fight america. Japan wouldn't surrender until every last man had died, and repeatedly said so. So when america used these weapons on Japan, showing them america had the ability and compunction to annihilate Japan, they had no recourse but to surrender. An estimated two hundred thousand people died in the bombings. Had Japan not surrendered but continued on with it's policy of fighting until the last man, added to the bombings of Japanese cities by the americans... how many lives were actually saved? millions maybe? the problem here is that is was an atomic bomb; dirty device that it is. had it been a gigantic bomb of TNT, of the same size, killing the same amount of people, but saving the same amount of Japanese lives due to ending the war via Japan's surrender, would you still feel the same?
2008-01-25 05:30:26
You being Americans, right? You're absolutely wrong with that comment - think about the people who endured the awful horror of those bombs. Shame on you all. Some would say you deserved 9/11.
2008-01-25 03:33:07
yeah silly nukes all they did for us was stop a war.
2008-01-24 23:04:08
not kinda. it is wrong.
2008-01-24 14:28:14
The caption is kinda wrongish. It's not an assault, it's a test. long time ago...