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Old Comments:

2008-07-23 11:32:17 that !! LOL
2008-06-23 19:50:30
Êòî ñêàçàë, ÷òî îíà ïàäàåò? Âû ïðîñòî íå óìååòå ôîòîãðàôèðîâàòü! :*)
2008-06-18 09:38:55
Pardon me if I seem obtuse or just plumb crazy, but there's something that isn't quite right about this. I'll ask you to be square with me, as I have an acute need to know the truth: Is there something wrong with the picture, or has the discussion gone off on a tangent?
2008-06-18 08:46:33
are you guys on the level?
2008-06-17 17:06:10
Its still an interesting tower even in the advanced state of perpendicularity. LOL
2008-06-16 21:49:11
It was an interesting idea. You needed to go one more degree clockwise to pull it off properly.
2008-06-16 17:03:05
I was working on a slightly different angle.
2008-06-16 14:50:38
I'm not sure if I get your leaning.
2008-06-16 10:08:20
I'm not inclined to believe you !!
2008-06-16 09:52:35
They are going to put a clock on the leaning tower. They think what is the use if you have the inclination but you don't have the time.