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Old Comments:

2009-01-26 08:13:26
good god, no wonder snake oil salesmen made it big, people can be so ..... it may not be the site, it may be the path to the site that is giving you all that sh!t. not once since I have been here have I picked up any of the stuff you all are talking about. I do session scans ( meaning after every use of my computer )for virus and spy/spam ware and not once has anything been picked up that can be attributed to this site. When you connect to the internet you open your machine up to the rest of the world for anyone to see if they have the right tools and talents, its not that hard, really. Believe me the people who write the virus and spam ware programs are very talented.
2009-01-10 13:00:38
slowly I come back, inch by inch... ever so closely..... ... ;)
2009-01-08 08:39:33
I just saw your message today. Thank you for the backup...if you're still visiting this site. Yup, woman are very quick to smell something rotten in Denmark.
2008-12-30 16:32:53
job, not jog,
2008-12-30 16:29:48
I just started viewing this site YESTERDAY.. I never heard of it until I did a search on google for the movie "pretty woman" Ok, so it lands me here after a few on the list.. low and behold, now ALL the engine search results I get, all lead me to phishing sites! For example, a top search will yield "wikipedia" then it takes me to a antivrus site. Or, it always appears to be several of the same sites which are totally unrelated... I must admit, I was taken aback with all the great images here, even considered joining! BUT NOW!! Im out of here until i figure out what is going on.. I knew something wasn't right, and then I see Connie's IMAGE comment!! She is right!! It confirms my suspicions, since all the sites i visit are bookmarked... banking, ebay, google maps....etc.. ie: I have very little time for "fun" surfing...My conclusion is THIS SITE IS Fudged! Hopefully, a few scans with "this and that" warescan, will remove whatever disease i picked up in here...(no pun or disrespect to users, just the technology....) anywho, I've been a loyal mac user since SS 7.1 thru OS X.5 (before it was cool to use a Mac!) and also a win98 thru XP user.(no vista!). PC's are MUCH more vulnerable, but its no excuse to stop using a PC....SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN DENMARK!! pixdaus my arse!! &^&*^*%%!!! Thanks CONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sometimes the best man for the jog is a woman...
2008-12-16 12:10:26
I have a mac and I don't have the virus , 14,000 virus protections...Trolls...they just come and GO...worthless...but they like to create havic and anyone who feeds them gets caught up in their game...their no body with nothing worth while... so forget about um !!!
2008-10-10 19:36:01
You'll be back, js from la didn't stay away too long.
2008-10-10 19:28:17
Use Ubuntu.
2008-10-10 18:31:18
lol darkskinned homosapiens
2008-10-10 16:35:49
Connie, the troll is NOT targeting you! On the 'size of countries' picture, the troll was pretending to be me, poppy. IT WAS TARGETING ME, you just happened to be the recipient of the comments under that particular picture, because I was already carrying on a 'conversation' with you and the troll just continued from there. The recipient of the fake poppy's comments could have been anyone else, under any picture where I would have made comments. I am the target, not you, so don't worry about the troll.
2008-10-10 09:30:27
Thanks a lot Chohise. The trolls are the ones targeting me (see their comments under one of my postings - Statistical, countries; title 'Size of countries'). They give me the willies. I have Trend Micro and have had absolutely no problem until I started going on the Pixdaus site. So now I get various viruses, a Trojan program and a LOT of pop-ups when I'm not even on the internet. Take care.
2008-10-10 08:12:32
I agree with you. But many people will miss you, so close only the door for a while. And don’t use another name, there is only 1 Connie! By the way, about viruses: your computer is target, not your username. Changing your name won’t change anything. And about these slimy trolls: that’s true but they are only gas. And further about security: I use Panda (and 2 smaller programs). I know, it demands very much of the system when it’s updating (automatically every day) – perhaps that will change in the future – but untill now I haven’t got any security problem (and that was not the case with Norton). Good luck and see you soon again.
2008-10-10 06:47:05
Get a Mac and don't worry about viruses. Nothing can stop trolls though!
2008-10-10 05:42:56
Thank you Pandora, that's very kind of you. I'm just responding to various comments before I get off. The trojan was located and deleted by my security program. I might come back later, if I can get rid of all those pop ups. If I do, I will use another name, as the slimy trolls have now also targeted me.
2008-10-10 01:28:05
Can a virus be attached to particular pictures on here?
2008-10-10 01:01:24
My antivirus software has also detected and removed trojans while I've seen going through the pictures here. Connie isn't the only one . . .
2008-10-10 00:52:17
We have enjoyed many of your pictures -if you get the problem fixed please come back.
2008-10-10 00:27:50
Before I log off I will respond to some of the comments. I have downloaded hundreds of photos in the last year or so, and they had all been scanned for viruses. I did go to a couple of sites (not images) to get some statistics. They are very reliable sites. I'm a woman over 50; I don't play childish games. What??, calling people names is very childish. I'm am simply concerned that others will get viruses like I did, and possibly Trojan. Make of it what you wish. NICO, you made a very constructive comment and I thank you. I have a very good security set up on my computer, but there is no 100% guarantee. I'm not very computer literate; I was using one at work, but all our problems were dealt with by our computer teckies. However, I have been very careful in choosing the sites I want to go to...except with Pixdaus.
2008-10-10 00:11:08
The only site you have been on is pixdaus? then where do you find the pics you have posted? LIAR!
2008-10-09 23:53:30
the only site you've been on in the last 3 weeks is pixdaus! WTF?!
2008-10-09 21:59:00
Use a better operating system and/or browser!