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Old Comments:

2008-12-31 03:21:26
This actually happend last year on the Tehaucan Y Oaxaca line down in Mexico ...there were survivors because of the alertness and fast action of two female passengers, Bessy May Mucho and Donna soon as they saw what was happening one of them ran forward as far as she dared, pulled one of the coupling pins, and disconnected the last several cars of the train....meanwhile the other climbed quickly on to the roof, began setting the hand brake, and was able to bring the last cars to a halt before they plunged into the gap where the bridge had collapsed...Both were awarded the coveted Cruz de Manteca for their heroism and fast action by the governor of Oaxaca, Sr. Hugo DeNaranja.
2008-12-31 01:37:16
How can this picture be here then; if it's real, he/she would be dead by now. At least the camera.
2008-01-03 00:39:41
This can't be true can it?
2007-12-25 19:57:50
lol that sign says its all really!