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Old Comments:

2008-08-17 12:21:19
This is truly child abuse. It deforms the entire upper body, pushing down the shoulders, collar bone, ribs.
2008-02-29 20:31:42
If GWB is "God" and you are "a god": How are you related? Since he is "God" (meaning: THE god), you must be somehow a child of him or so. And... will you do your mother, Mrs Bush, too?
2008-02-29 20:29:51
2008-02-27 12:35:15
You should be ashame to have paid to vistit this people exploited by greedy corrupted Thai officials, ashame to have paid for the right to take a picture, ashame for posting it here and anywhere else. You are a piece of shit, sir.
2008-02-27 02:40:16
Whats this got to do with Pedophilias? These traditions are only carried on now as the farrangs bring in their fat dollars. Spent some time before with the Karen and lived near the Burmese border for a while, great people.
2008-02-26 17:59:33
Pedophilias are to be slaughtered in my opinion... These girls (and wimen later on) get one ring for every year they live - as long as they are faithful towards their husband... But if they are cheating; her man simply takes off some of the rings; and the women chokes to death. (due to the fact that her neck gets too weak to support the hight of the neck) This is a sick part in those places...
2008-02-26 07:24:47
You are the biggest idiot I have ever seen.
2008-02-26 02:17:42
All women shall receive my bounty, Schumi. BOO-YEAH!! I'm a god.
2008-02-26 02:01:52
Do you have dirty ideas even when looking at children? Have you been to the doctor's?
2008-02-26 01:50:39
Poor girl does not look all.
2008-02-25 22:09:53
Her neck is caged to receive my MASSIVE bounty!! BOO-YEAH!!!
2008-02-25 22:08:45
omg, i read 'northern ireland' at first!..)