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Old Comments:

2011-05-11 20:24:47
Pure fantasy
2008-12-13 14:42:03
NOT physically possible for this alignment at the pole!
2007-12-31 05:23:39
Ok, I reveal the truth. This photo is make with a software called "Terragen". On internet you can found software and galleries. It's amazing.
2007-12-30 23:31:57
The angle sizes of Moon and Sun viewed from Earth are (almost) equal. We can see that on every solar eclipse photo. This picture is fake, but I like it.
2007-12-30 21:33:01
there is water round the north pole... but no land. either south pole or photoshop
2007-12-30 13:41:28
I'm not sure it matters that it's photoshopped/fake .. it's a cool pic nonetheless
2007-12-30 13:37:36
"Since when does the north pole have water in liquid state?" ask Al Gore - according to him its all a beach now
2007-12-30 11:58:11
Truly amazing. Particularly for those who don't believe that everything is photoshopped.
2007-12-30 10:36:21
Since when does the north pole have water in liquid state.
2007-12-30 10:13:42
"North Pole Moon"? Uh, no. It's artwork that's supposed to be another planet.
2007-12-30 10:01:53
photoshopped :)
2007-12-30 08:26:57