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Posted By:observer

Old Comments:

2008-07-30 00:12:33
BC, there is pleasure in spraying bullets, but there is also pleasure in mutilating with a bayonet. he likes the option.
2008-07-29 17:09:35
and it is best camouflage ever, absolutely noone would expect an AK47-shooter under such a grandma-umbreller...
2008-07-29 16:55:18
what a charming umbreller,i bet this pic is an ad for umbrellers...
2008-06-27 05:28:36
is it a Fake?
2008-06-26 20:06:04
Bayonet? A farking bayonet on an AK-47? Dude, if you can that close - you dead.
2008-05-30 23:42:33
a little rain should never stop you from gettin your street massacre ON
2008-05-30 21:15:18
Keep your powder dry. Of Course.