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2008-09-06 19:57:51
As much as Bearnaise hated to spend the money he arranged with his supervisorfor a three-day weekend and booked a flight down to LaLa land on Northworst. He anticipated the trip with mixed emotions. It would be good to spend some time with Matilda, but he dreaded the flight. Trying to squeeze his massive bear-butt into those tiny seats was no fun, and trying to get around in Los Angles traffic was a nightmare. But he got up early , took a cab to the airport, checked in and was at the security check point when two men in dark suits approached, took him by the arms and said "Would you please come with us, sir. We need to ask you some questions." "Who the hell are you," Bearnasie asked? "Airport security , sir. Just come with us, please." "You realize," Bearnasie said,"that I'm a full-grown grizzly bear? And that I could rip both you little monkey-fuckers' heads off in about two seconds if I wanted to?" "That's why we need to talk to you sir," one of the men said.
2008-09-06 03:58:31
...Matilda, while studying at UCLA, had started her own little business, a dance studio. She’d always been kind of 'loose around the hips' and could and rock 'n' roll and boogie better than any other bear in the neighbourhood. Her studio took off like a rocket! In no time at all she was putting on shows with her students, got an agent, and decided to audition for the Talent USA competition with her troupe of dancers, Bogie Bears (originally intended to be Boogie Bears, but the printer of the advertising poster of their first show had accidentally dropped one O, and the name had stuck). Bearnaise was flying down from Canada, feeling slightly apprehensive, yet mighty proud of his wife’s new professional accomplishments. In no time at all, they’d have enough money saved to buy that salmon farm...
2008-09-06 03:01:42
LMAO, good one.
2008-09-05 23:46:03
"Oh Lord," Bearnasie thought," why me?" The cubs were driving him nuts, and there were days when he wondered if it was worth the money. But then he'd get a letter from Matilda, and she'd tell him how proud of him she was, and how wonderful it would be when they had their own salmon farm, so he would gird his loins and wade back into the fray. And there was a certain satisfaction in seeing his students snag their first salmon in midair, or sniff out a prime bluberry patch on their own. Plus, they could be amusing. Just the other day a cub asked him "Was Paul McCartney really in another band before he was in Wings?"