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Old Comments:

2009-06-02 09:56:36
Yikes...I made a mistake. My photo is of a ginger cat and you mentioned your calico cat not wanted to go for a walk this morning. I mixed the two up. I meant to write that my favourite cats are ginger, and someone had told me that ginger cats, particularly the darker ones, are mostly male. By the way, my 2nd favourite cats are calicos ;-)
2009-06-02 05:37:07
That's funny! Cats are very lazy and very independent. They move when and where they want. My favourite animals are cats; my favourite of them are Calicos - they're a little weird. Someone told me that the darker calicos are the males.
2009-06-02 05:27:32
HA! Connie the is GREAT! -Just this morning I took my little calico for a drag around the yard. I wanted her to feel the grass beneath her paws and the wind in her fur - But she just flopped over and refused to move.