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Old Comments:

2009-05-29 07:29:46
I'm a liberal (Democrat if I was an American), but I think that both, A Bouts and Patito, could defend their positions equally. It was always fun to see Patito take the bait and get all steamed up. I suspect he saw the bait all along. I hope he gets back from wherever he is.
2009-05-29 02:55:10
My recollection is that Patito had you pretty badly out-gunned intellectually and in most of the exchanges between the two of you he made you look like a chump.
2009-05-28 21:52:41
Thank you very much. But I not a p-shop user. I a G.I.M.P. user. And yes the only reason to post political pics was to get Patito to rise to the top of the stream and take the bait plus to expose some of the ways he would manipulate the facts to suit his Bush bashing baloney.
2009-05-28 13:00:41
A Bouts: The stone pile is the pièce de résistance of this pic. Didn't know you were so talented with p-shop... By the way, Why are you no longer posting political pics? Because Patito is not here? :-)
2009-05-28 07:19:48
2009-05-28 06:53:43
Cable! Read a book. And no I didn't think of getting rid of the chain. It was easier to add three feet than remove forty feet of it.
2009-05-28 06:50:04
Grandma can be found here.
2009-05-28 06:47:56
Well, I hope you hooked us up with cable then!! not to be annoying (but I am :) did you think of removing that line across the bricks?
2009-05-28 06:46:14
What does it mean 'No grandmas'? You should have had the stones rolling ;-)
2009-05-28 06:37:51
Mick Keith. No grandpas either. I also removed the satellite dish from the roof.
2009-05-28 06:30:11
That's fantastic A Bout's!! and the stones really make the pic, I thought you might put Mick Jagger out front, I would say that the title might be confusing to newcomers,,, Like gramma's dead in the attic or somthing :))
2009-05-28 06:27:55
Ha -You added a little stone pile on the left - Maybe you could also put Keith or Mick sittin on a step. ;-)