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Posted By:PK

Old Comments:

2008-02-09 00:28:32
It's just a simple pun on the ambiguous meanings of 'Bill', no ethical valuation. It's all 'Bills', just not the 'bill' (=placard) that's not to be posted there. See it as an ironic josh on regulations.
2008-02-08 15:18:11
Guess not. Somebody explain it to me! Please....
2008-02-08 09:38:41
Rich, obviously you don't get it.
2008-02-08 09:38:23
Rich, obviously you don't get it.
2008-02-08 09:30:14
The only one who needs to be on there is the corrupt Bill Clinton. What kind of fool would put Cosby on there? He's speaking so much truth to help black communities. And Bill Gates? Not only is he doing great charity work now but the jobs and products he's given the world are incredible. The last thing this nonsense is, is genius.
2008-02-08 02:54:02
That's gotta be a Banksy - GENIUS!