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Old Comments:

2011-09-08 08:13:57
You have right connie. After one year with very harsh economic measures implemented by goverment, we are at the same point or maybe worst....
2011-09-08 07:36:33
You just need to get Angela Merkel off your back. But then, she's walking a tight rope - between protection the EU currency and her voters.
2011-09-07 22:37:40
Thank you very much patito....and yes as you say,being alive, a beautiful beach, cold beer or tasty wine and add a couple of good friends.We have one life.. Bye for now, have a nice day (here is night 22.35)
2011-09-07 20:51:12
Hi Danis...sorry to hear the hard times there are getting you down. It's tough these days for people everywhere. Here in the US our economy is in bad shape too, though maybe a bit better than where you live, but the weather is kicking our butts with hurricanes and floods in some parts, drought and wild fires in others. Many hundreds of people have lost everything. Sometimes we have to make a conscious effort to find something to be happy about. Like, being alive and able to watch a sunset on the beach and enjoy a cold bottle of beer ! Good luck and best wishes !
2011-09-07 19:31:39
Hello Anne and Mary... Where are the happy only stress and uncertain future :(
2011-09-07 19:17:44
Thank you sms!
2011-09-07 14:34:23
Hope this link helps, Libellule.... :)
2011-09-07 10:50:00
Oh happy days ! :) Kalimera, Danis :) Where is Nisyros ?
2011-09-07 09:43:17
Beautiful photo . with a quiet alley.