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Old Comments:

2010-08-28 08:19:58
Sun does rise in the east !!!!!!! remove the pic !
2010-08-28 08:19:52
Sun does rise in the east !!!!!!! remove the pic !
2010-03-30 10:28:19
The original photographer of this image remarked the lights are enhanced.
2010-02-25 04:18:00
Maybe this isn't planet Earth after all - could even be some alternate universe or maybe someone simply reversed the negative
2008-01-30 19:38:16
i m just here
2008-01-14 20:16:59
dumie... it evening, sun goes down
2008-01-14 15:20:16
Er, no. This (fake) pic certainly doesn't suggest that.
2008-01-14 04:22:37
Oh yes. Now the sun rises in the west and sets in the east?