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Posted By:LM

Old Comments:

2009-11-20 04:41:14
All for one - nothing for all. Great american dream, F Y M ten part per hour...
2009-02-04 08:38:30
Kowloon Walled City, in Hong Kong...but no more. It was demolished a decade ago. It used to be quite interesting, wiki it.
2008-12-15 17:46:32
looks like the future of the mankind
2008-03-03 02:24:24
TERRIBLE!! I have looked at other photos, as well. :((
2008-02-20 21:29:30
Just imagine: real people live behind the walls. :( Looking at the letters, it seems to be an Asian country or society.
2008-02-20 20:06:36
Nah! This is East Harlem NY! No health insurance, no jobs, no hope in 'the land of the free'!
2008-01-28 08:07:38
that's not communistic! the pic is taken in hk. hk was british and still is a democratic oasis in communist china
2008-01-28 06:01:03
are these the favelas in brazil?
2008-01-27 22:31:06
that's communism for you. poverty for all.
2008-01-27 07:59:28
Sad, sad poverty!