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Old Comments:

2008-08-16 00:41:03
hey Stalker. don't you see some of us were having fun here? you can be obssessed with me all you like but i think the others and i were enjoying making a story here, and to minus my comments so severely shows 1)you have a seriously sick obssession with me, 2)you need a hobby, or some sort of human interaction, 3)i will not be your gay buddy, and 4)you have no sense of humor and you need to find one. when you get a boyfriend (or girlfriend? who knows) you will see, a sense of humor is good. now minus this out--with every click of your mouse, you are saying i matter, and you are nothing!
2008-08-15 03:54:35
Hedda waited for hours for Olaf's return but this being Newfoundland and June, it was bright as day by 9 o'clock when he came in drunk and smelling of cod liver. Olaf said he had had trouble with his boat, something about some big iceberg and a polar bear, but by this time Hedda had brought out the Beam and didn't care who knew it. "Tell me again Olfaf, this strary asbout icebears and polarbergs, what?" she asked in her faintly rummpled nighty.
2008-08-15 01:58:35
As she poured Jan's tea she glanced at the clock. It was almost two in the afternoon. Olaf would be motoring back into the harbor soon, and she was still in her nightgown. She'd need to get rid of Jan quickly so she could get dressed and pretty herself up. True, old Olaf wasn't much of a catch. He had a big pot belly, seldom bathed, and his breath smelled like cod livers, , but he was the best fisherman in the vilage and prosperous by local standards.
2008-08-14 23:33:57
Turns out it wasn't the preacher at all but Jan from down the harbour with news about a polar bear roaming the village. Hedda was alarmed but her mind kept returning to the Beam in her desk. Old Jan asked for some tea and Hedda grudgingly obliged.
2008-08-14 10:47:13
She looked around hastily for the keys to lock the office desk, so to be positive that no one would find her shameful secret, but couldn't see where the ring might have fallen when she'd been startled by the sudden knocking of her unexpected guest. Angrily she hacked at the joystick of her electric wheelchair and sped off to answer the door.
2008-08-14 04:08:12
Then she heard a knock at the door. "Who could that be," she wondered, as she slipped the bottle of Jim Beam into the desk drawer in case it was the preacher making his rounds.
2008-08-14 04:01:00
And she wondered briefly after the polar bear that she had seen clinging to it just hours before......
2008-08-14 03:49:24
Hedda calmly sipped her tea and thought of her calamitous life as she watched an iceberg drift by out her window.