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2010-06-29 05:03:40
You can see more of Ladislav Kamarad's photos on There are a lot of his photos on Pixdaus already - all great photos. He's one of my favourite photographer.
2010-06-29 04:11:06
Have a nice week! Warning XXL! Spot Nokia (?, Samsung? Maybe AppleS)
2010-06-29 03:17:17
@ patito, joke I hope this will make you laugh... The Mujo says to Haso: - Haso, I have the H1N1! A Haso replied: - It's nothing, I have mp3.
2010-06-29 00:48:31
Dear patito, sistah barista, cheeseburger, tuskegee, exeter, hungry, amanda b, etc., etc. (or what your current troll name is): Dear TROLL and destroyer of Pixdaus, dear patito, why don't you just shut up, stop trolling around, stop deleting pictures and comments and just leave Pixdaus? all you dumb troll pics, your spam and one-comment-aliases are just too boring!! thank you and please FUCK YOURSELF!! :-) Sincerely, YOU ARE A LIAR :-P
2010-06-29 00:40:34
@patitoisaliar ! Where are YOUR pics?
2010-06-29 00:34:58
Dear Mrs. Liar, We regret to inform you that your son, Patitoisa, has once again escaped from confinement has resumed his old habit of breaking into homes, schools and offices and posting insulting messages on photo websites. And although we understand that he is actually rather timid and easily frightened in face to face encounters, we fear for his safety due to his grotesque physical appearance and his tendency to remove his clothing and run on all fours, for which reasons he might easily be mistaken for a wild animal by someone not familar with him. Please rest assured that we will do everything in our power to expedite his recovery and safe return to confinement. Sincerely, Amanda B. Rekondwith Director of Social Services and Family Outreach State Institute for the Terminally Assholistic
2010-06-29 00:13:07
@scokal where are YOUR pics? @ademir you hit the point! all these crazy theme-posters like "sistah barista" and all these salad, coffee, hamburger etc., etc.,... isn't it funny that they all came up since patito stop uploading pictures? his last uploads ("funny" family pics) are the first theme-post! now he is doing it with his aliases! and only one-comment-idiots defend him. and only those pics get a 20 vote push. best day for Pixdaus will be when patitroll finally buzz off!
2010-06-28 23:58:46
In fact, I have previously commented favorably on the way you have evolved from essentially a slease merchant to a poster of fairly high quality photos. You do have an eye for excellence, although sometimes you blink. As for being a jerk...hey, you're Italian ! You can't help it ! : )
2010-06-28 23:50:58
Miracle! You has given me a little credit! Miracle! thanks mr. jerk sr. ..
2010-06-28 23:40:59're right. some of Ademir's photos are kitsch, some are cornball, some are sleazy. And yes, the guy can be a real jerk . But... at least he does post photos and some of them, including this one, are excellent, while you have posted no photos at all, good , bad or otherwise. Your comments have become tedious and redundant and you need to butt out, sit down, and shut up.
2010-06-28 20:18:39
What's wrong in your life? Don't worry, be happy.. (by bob mc ferrin)
2010-06-28 18:11:41
Much of your pictures are kitsch, many are not your creation, you only use them,with or without copyright compliance,So, here it's not a photographer,it's not your's the truth, bud..............