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Old Comments:

2008-04-26 11:20:52
I wonder what would happen if someone yelled SHARK! and FIRE! at the same time.
2008-04-26 01:35:27
this is funny,all this people having fun and only one has noticed the camera;I got found WALDO
2008-04-24 04:57:39
Ah, back in the days when the ocean wasn't a massive garbage dump.
2008-04-24 03:23:34
Go to Conney Island if you have chance before it becomes an sterile Disney land!! the whole area is supposed to be totally "developed" soon.
2008-04-24 02:23:49
Coney Island is a peninsula, formerly an island, in southernmost Brooklyn, New York City, USA, with a beach on the Atlantic Ocean. The area was a major resort and site of amusement parks that reached its peak in the early 20th century. It declined in popularity after World War II