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2009-03-19 08:40:21
New Temples of the Gods Comment of the photographer Thoth037: ôSo, I went back to South Korea again, and one of my main goals was to go to the supposed 53rd floor of the Korea World Trade Center Building to see these amazing views I've seen some folks take. Long story short, there IS no 53rd floor, stops at 52, and the entire floor is a restaurant... very expensive one at that! Since I ventured out on my own that day, and wasn't about to sit for $150 dinner alone, I decided to head back down, highly disappointed! BUT, on the way out, I decided to go to the COEX mall below, and on the way in, I looked up and saw this amazing shot. So I whipped out my trusted tripod and set up shop in the middle of the busy walkway. This has been HDR'ed a little differently than I've done others, I was trying to heighten the sense of depth, scale, and perspective with light. I call it "New Temples of the Gods" because the trade building and the mall epitomize the capitalistic society the world is fast becoming, where the almighty dollar/won/yen/pound/dinar is worshipped in these shrines.