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Old Comments:

2011-09-27 02:30:39
But, I still say you posted this photo Bobby Boy. Fargo...for crying out loud! It's as bad as Grand Forks.
2011-09-27 02:26:11
Well, I can't post any comments as aline with a dot. I just tried to post a photo using that name and it worked (train). So, who knows!
2011-09-27 01:59:06
What are you talking about? I did not register it.
2011-09-27 01:47:00
So you registered Aline. (with a dot)? You are so lacking in common sense by 'taking' an already used name instead of being original and creative and coming up with another one. Bobby Vee is from North Dakota for God sakes. It's the land of the bubbas, hillbillies and narrow-minded bigots. Their idea of Saturday night fun is to hang around bars, drinking bear, burping and smashing the can on their foreheads, and pawing at the barmaids. When friends and I were in Vegas, one friend heard Bobby Vee was playing at a lounge. We did not bother to watch his show, yet those ones are free.
2011-09-27 01:20:57
Imposter? Any name that is not registered is free for all.
2011-09-27 01:17:25
I was the only Aline with a dot at the end of the name using Pixdaus until this imposter showed up.
2011-09-26 20:07:30
The blue on the stomach comes from eating too may blueberris and the color steeped through the skin. Perhaps the blue... errr... 'down below' was left by the girlfriend who'd just ingested the same berries. :D Connie: are you the only Aline in the whole world? Just wondering.
2011-09-26 19:50:50
You stole my name - Aline with a dot - you naughty one. I would never have posted this photo - a monkey with a blue stomach and the rest all out of focus. Non non, zat is not to my standards monsieur ou madame.