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Old Comments:

2010-07-31 04:11:47
Why not?
2010-07-31 04:07:34
Yes, and I still have not responded to Chris.
2010-07-31 03:25:53
saw it a lot of times, also. And I had to enter my name, and so on, a lot of times also....
2010-07-31 02:04:06
Tnx libellule. I saw for the first time official confirmation of this... I hope we'll see it soon.
2010-07-31 01:51:34
Humh! I saw it today for the first time... I didn't changed my nickname quite a long. Today I was simply logged out without any rational reason... Just , puff, log out! And than I saw it.. Maybe is time for the change really close... Maybe... Tnx for info Roving Reporter
2010-07-31 01:45:59
Sure, I see it every time I log on, and have been seeing it for months. After awhile it's human nature to become skeptical.
2010-07-31 01:43:56
ahhhh... my mistake! After log out you have to click on the "Newly added" and THEN you'll see the notice above!
2010-07-31 01:39:25
Try this, log out and then you will see this notice... Notice from Pixdaus: Pixdaus is moving to a new platform! If you use an unregistered nickname you need to register it now before the switchover, otherwise you'll lose it. You can register for free, or have a look at the advantages of a premium account.
2010-07-31 01:26:08
The New Platform has acheived the status of myth and legend, like peoples' belief in the Promised Land, the Elysian Fields or the HoLy Grail. Some day old marstah gwine to set us free. Meanwhile, we survive in a troll-infested and almost lawless jungle. But in spite of everything there are things of beauty and interest to be found in Pixdausland, and it's still fun or we wouldn't be here, would we ?
2010-07-31 01:01:28
No one. But they have said a lot of times "new plateform" since around four or five months, and they didn't. Around ten days ago, Connie said she received an e-mail from Pixdaus, to ask her to test the beta version. If 'test", the didn't install the new plateform.
2010-07-31 00:38:38
Does anyone see some changes?