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Old Comments:

2008-10-21 00:58:10
Why don't you surround your comments with asterisks if it is meant to be sarcastic -that way we will know just how to read it.
2008-10-20 20:14:00
Hey, Peewee..does your name refer to the size of your brain or your dick? Or both ?
2008-10-20 14:57:43
why don't you two get a room
2008-07-09 07:23:29
Thank you, Ma'm...when you've gone through life making as many mistakes and being wrong about as many things as I have, you gotta be willin' to admit it...otherwise you make an even bigger fool of yourself...and thanks to FYI for accepting my apology...the lad showed some class there..
2008-07-09 03:36:50
truce it is! i agree electronic comm is bad like that--i actually suspected you would misunderstand. i guess we all need to make things more clear so we can all have more fun. just you guys watch out for fake-fyi_0, he has latched onto me like a tick.
2008-07-09 02:20:17
You know, Patito, there’s one thing I especially admire you for and that is your ability and willingness to apologize. That is extremely rare around here and - I sadly suspect – in life in general.
2008-07-09 02:00:35
Okay..if that's true, I hereby tender my apologies..sincerely...I'm glad you agree with me on this..but you and I have tended to have an adversarial relationship here, and I had no way to know you had tongue in cheek when you said "Good going, Mitch." That's the problem with purely verbal communication.. consider this an offer of truce...
2008-07-09 01:41:19
i was referring to mitch, not you, jerkoff. sorry you misunderstood, i was agreeing with you.
2008-07-08 06:38:47
Your comment is consistent with previous opinions you've expressed here, FYI, which have revealed you to be glib, superficial, and shallow not at all surprised you don't understand the differences between New Orleans and Des Moines...
2008-07-06 21:36:29
If there was any lingering doubt about whether or not you are, deep in your soul, a racist, you have just removed it. Also, if you don't understand the differnce between the kind of city New Orleans is ( or was ) and the kind of city Des Moines is, it's kinda like what Louis Armstrong once said when someone asked him to explain jazz,"If you have to ask, you never will know."
2008-07-06 13:01:28
HOW COME THERE IS SUCH A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE FLOODING IN IOWA AND THAT OF NEW ORLEANS??? When New Orleans flooded, it was a racist plan to wipe out black people. But now that white people are getting flooded out, where is the investigation. Where are Al & Jesse demanding government accountability? Where are the airdrops of free food? The taxpayer-provided new homes? Are Iowans being put up in expensive hotels with FEMA credit cards? If not, why not? I heard a dimwit on CNN yesterday say that this reminded him of New Orleans. How? Outside of being flooded, there is no looting, no people wandering the streets looking for meanness, no grocery carts being shoved through the water carrying stolen big screen TVs, no people sitting on the tops of their houses waiting on the government to come and get them, no police abandoning their posts, no Iowans gripping how the government and George Bush is failing them. There is not one thing, other than water, that is similar to New Orleans. The streets in Des Moines are empty. People left when they were told to evacuate. They didn't whine, complain or blame the government for the broken levees. They did what responsible people do in a crisis. The actions of the people of Des Moines only makes the actions of the people of New Orleans look worse. What is the difference between Des Moines and New Orleans?