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Posted By:observer

Old Comments:

2011-03-10 00:25:11
bad boys... source:
2010-03-06 05:56:08
awww! thats so cute! LOVEEE IT!
2009-07-04 11:59:06
LOL It looks like they're wearing white shoes!
2009-07-03 14:21:17
ridiculous what so great about two stupid cats I'd kick the heck put of them and, poopy, your high heels don't help your skinny legs don't wear them too hig you mught get dizzie go kiss putito's S
2009-07-03 11:32:02
Great pic, Observer! I saw it but did not take it and I am kicking myself! - But not before I remove my high heels... ;-)
2009-07-03 09:58:47
oh sure, come to my door and I'll smash your head with a baseball people feed us alright
2009-07-03 09:06:16
Perfect Einzelkampfer! ...or should I say Purrrfect!
2009-07-03 08:24:26
"Listen kid, just follow my lead. When we get there, run up on the porch and meow and look real sad and pathetic. These crazy 'cat people' feed us every time."