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Old Comments:

2011-07-17 17:47:59
Amen, and very well said. Something that seems often to escape the awareness of certain individuals is that this site is about photos, not about votes and not about the personalities of users. The voting system is a farce and always has been, and it's hard to imgaine why anyone would take it seriously or become disturbed by it. As for the Pixdaus adminsitration, it's been evident for some time that they care little if anything about what transpires here from day to day.
2011-07-17 10:51:21
How do you explain the fact that this photo was very rapidly upvoted to over 80 votes in a matter of just a few hours? It is likely some of these upvotes were cheating votes that counted much higher, perhaps like +10. (There is simply no way that this is possible without cheating!) And, who are you 'Cheater'? You are obviously not a new user and uploader. Are you Patito? Skip? Jack Sparrow? Poppy? Robot? Witch Girl? Ademir? or somebody else. It is well known that Patito, Jack Sparrow and Robot and Ademir have used alternate names to upload in the past. Why don't you just come clean and quit cheating? **************** The above is a modified version of the first comment (by Please Explain) under What has it to do with this photo? Absolutely nothing, the same as it has absolutely nothing to do with Pinch of Salt’s cygnet upload. This is what happens when a wild imagination is coupled with a desire to cause trouble and send yet another good poster packing. I very much like your uploads, Cheater, and I apologize for using this great photo and its votes as a basis for my totally unfounded and imaginary accusations which apply to this upload as much as they apply to 292773. Meaning, they don’t. As long as Pixdaus admin allows troll attacks on innocent posters, this type of problem persists. People who have done nothing wrong get driven out of here, and soon the site will have only spam pics and trolls left. Keep posting, Cheater! :)