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2008-09-25 03:59:01
I love it, Wrocław is beautiful.
2008-03-12 23:02:27
Forget it Friedrich. Germans got what they deserved, now the line is drawn and it is over. Move on.
2008-03-12 04:55:09
ouch what happened here with typos : (
2008-03-12 04:54:13
Looks like the stolen territories havent been fully sttlled by the poles Since its an abandoned house near Breslau it was built by the indengenous native population of silesia not the poles. Pomerania for example has a lower population density than before WW2. So much for the myth,.. that the poles to commit this ethnic cleansing on 12-14 million germans, murdering 2 million in the process,.... to "make room" for "expelled poles" from the areas they stole from Ukraines/ Belarus, that they had ot return in 45. their eastern border after 45 were IAW the Curzon line, ie the extent of majority polish settlement. Except...neither soviet republic expelled forcibly or otherwise poles!! and even if they did, the 200,000 poles living there (then as now!) would have NOT needed so much land stolen to the natural polish settlement area. The US Ambassador to Plnad even months after polish occupation of Breslau wouldwrite about the scvreams that could be heard every day and every noight from the brave population of Breslau being raped tortured and murdered but the poles. The Sould of the City of Breslau probaly is shaking in disgust as it now has to feel the steps of its murders on its streets every day. This is a great picture for those who can read between the lines. Silent Witness to Genocide, the title should read.