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Old Comments:

2011-01-18 00:32:21
Alot of nazi's didn't believe in Hitler's cause, they were with them out of fear. Though my family suffered at their hands, I am willing to forgive. This pic shows that some had good hearts. And of course it's probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. Damn you kitten ;D
2010-05-09 00:58:12
The thing about photography is that you cant tell if the were good or bad ppl. You cant tell what life they lead. i like your opinions guys. i woner what become of them if the live or died.
2010-03-26 16:16:25
I very much agree. One instance during the war a couple members of my family(ethnic Poles, not Jews, the Nazi's didn't really discriminate much in that sense) in Poland were taken during a raid and sent on a train to the concentration camps. On the way the people in their car managed to break open the floor and drop down onto the tracks so that the train would roll over them. When my great aunt rolled off the tracks after the train passed, she looked straight up at the guard on the back of the train. He didn't fire or raise an alarm, just watched on at those who could made their escape. Had a commanding officer been there however, he would have had to have shot the escapees or been shot himself. For many members of the army those were the decisions they had to face, shoot people or be shot.
2009-07-07 15:54:11
Obviously the Nazi party was evil and anti Jewish. I'm trying to express that not every soldier who fought in the German military was evil or a supporter of Nazism.
2009-07-07 15:49:14
Nicely said Einzelkampfer. Your knowledge of this subject is refreshing compared to the usual "all Nazis were evil German anti-Semites" that most people speak of. The German military of World War II was much more expansive than most people know.
2009-07-07 15:00:46
That should be the "Molotov-von Ribbentrop" non-aggression pact. Sorry...
2009-07-07 14:58:17
Yeah, Mike's correct. That's a Eihandgranate 39, probably from about 1943, judging from the casing, which appears to have the "wings" below the cap but not the bottom attach-ring that the late-war models had. The "potato-masher" was the M24 "Stielhandgranate", which had the screw-cap and pull-string in the handle. This evolved into the cheaper, easier to manufacture M43 which used the M39 activation system. As for the SS, it is ironic that by the end of the war, the non-Germans vastly outnumbered the Germans in the fighting formations. In fact, the final battles for Berlin around the Reich's Chancellery were fought by French, Belgian and Dutch SS volunteers. Also, after 1943, a number of young Germans joined the SS because by that stage of the war Himmler was ensuring that they got the best equipment, as well as the latest weapons. These guys are definitely members of the Estonian Legion, and not, as some would believe, ardent Nazis. It's ironic that the Hitler- von Ribbertrop pact essentially gave Stalin a free hand to annex the Baltic states. Then, three years later, Estonians are fighting for the German state against the Soviets for their "liberation". No win deal for the Estonians. If these young men survived the war, they were likely stood up against a wall by the NKVD, worked to death in places like Kolima or sent to the Donbas mines.
2009-07-07 12:33:18
Those are Estonian volunteers who had their own division in the Waffen SS. That is also a Model 39 grenade. Not all German grenades were of the stick type.
2009-05-11 03:55:44
see they really are nice guys- a few jews killed here or there but they're nice to kitties.
2008-05-12 05:02:58
The "grenade" couldt be a mortar grenade.
2008-04-20 06:46:25
Very true. Soldiers don't even have to believe they're doing the right thing for their country, they still have to do it.
2008-01-22 23:56:41
I agree with Tom Buckner. And I am not a couchpotato wisedude. I once had to make a choice on a huge scale - and I did the right thing. It was about quite a few human lives against mine. To my surprise, I survived. I would make the same choice again, since I believe in something called TRUTH, and it does not give you money or fame or guarantees. But I still believe it to be the only thing that will be right in the end.
2008-01-10 11:38:06
Sry Tom, but thats not true. I personally don't think you can charge someone a crime he was forced to do. If he had have said no, I don't wanna enter the "Wehrmacht" during WW2, he would have been executed and his family (!) arrested. Right is, that everyone SHOULD have the right to speak free, but this was not the fact. I just know that my grandpa was fighting in WW2 against the Soviets. And I knew him a pretty nice grandpa - without knowing what he did during the war. I know he was human, so I think that the circumstances made him do thinks, he would not do in real life. War is a very special situation, with immense phsychical influence on a soldier. I don't know if this is a grenade, but dont forget guys: That, what we know to be a grenade from Hollywood, was a stick back then in this army; but there are other grenades, for example to make dust, and they have somnetimes an other shape. I know there where grenade-like weapons like the one on the picture in the "Wehrmacht", but I don"t know what it is.
2008-01-10 09:03:58
I think that is a grenade, it's just not a potato masher. Might be Russian. By the way: Mike K said "We can't forget how the returning Vietnam vets were called "baby killers," and some of them were not even there by choice." While you have life you always have a choice, if you are willing to pay the price for what you choose. "The ultimate weapon has always existed: the ability of every man, woman and child to say no and face the consequences." Wilson and Shea, "Illuminatus!"
2008-01-10 08:09:02
I agree with b0b. We can't forget how the returning Vietnam vets were called "baby killers," and some of them were not even there by choice. Ironically, many of them were probably peaceniks before and after serving.
2008-01-10 00:47:15
This might be from a recently uncovered archive of Nazi war photos. It was during the war.. many of these guys were probably nice guys. They thought that they were doing the right thing for their country. Sad fact of war.
2008-01-09 18:41:47
It is a nice photo. And I agree Rado. In every army on the world are criminals, and good mens too. After all, the dead enemy is not enemy anymore.
2008-01-09 14:26:04
Just an observation- why we do not call them "German soldiers" anymore ? Even if they would be Waffen SS or other "outsiders" formation it was not an chinese army they have been in, was it ? Political correctness ?
2008-01-09 10:05:25
I believe Rick is correct about the German grenades. Their appearance was why they called them "potato mashers."
2008-01-09 09:52:03
That's a water flask...not a grenade. German grenade were stick-types...with a long wooden handle.
2008-01-09 08:36:41
playing with kitten.....and a grenade. Nice!