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Old Comments:

2010-02-10 13:55:25
Great explanation! You and Patito should have a contest ;-) When I first saw the photo, I thought it might be photoshopped. But, it's on other sites, with a photographer @ webshots calling it a 'walking tree'. Bryce Canyon has some incredible rock formations. One looks looks just like Queen Victoria. But, this photo has a bit too much colour compared to the real thing.
2010-02-10 11:31:32
Very, very funny, Fuzzy blue one....
2010-02-10 06:18:05
This is one the amazing 'Walking Trees' native to the Southwest Canyons - They have a very limited range and to catch one in motion like this the photographer must have been very patient and stealthy - not to mention brave since some of the trees can be quite aggressive when startled and some people have met a grisly death under suspicious circumstances though no eyewitnesses have ever lived to tell the tale.