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2009-10-04 19:20:51
The theme had nothing to do with the downvoting of the comments. Here in Pixdaus we have nasty creatures that we call trolls. They chase people they have taken a dislike to for reasons only known to themselves. Patito and I have been besieged by trolls for as long as we have been here, and the downvoting of the comments on this page was directed at us. You, Mary, just happened to be 'collateral damage'. Btw, the reason Patito chose 'my suggestion' for the next line of 'his' poem was that the verses he quoted come from "Ode on a Grecian Urn" by John Keats. :-)
2009-10-03 09:15:52
Oh yeah, I've noticed that. Oh well. I guess we can't expect to please most of the people most of the time. Doesn't worry me if they downvote. Each to their own. I guess that the theme here is not to everyone's taste.
2009-10-02 19:44:14
Oh dear, we must have said somethin' really bad to have our comments downvoted like that... We have to reform, repent, dress in sackcloth and ashes, do a pilgrimage or two, and then see if our comments will be accepted... Goes off to the fireplace to gather ashes
2009-10-02 08:25:06
Whatever makes you happy, Patito. No worries..:)
2009-10-01 09:43:57
Thank you Ms Mary..but I reckon I'm gonna go with Ms Poppy's suggestion..something about it that just somehow seems to kinda fit, know what I mean ?
2009-10-01 09:24:47
I like the third choice you have there, Patito. Rolls off the tongue much better than the other lines do. And I like your poem alot too, Patito. Thanks for that. :)
2009-10-01 02:47:03
How about: In Tempe or the dales of Arcady?
2009-10-01 02:39:21
Hey....I write poems too.....yep, just started one this mornin''s how it goes so far: Thou still unravished bride of quietness, Thou foster child of silence and slow time.. Sylvan historian, who canst thus express a flowery tale more sweetly than our rhyme... What leaf-fringed legend haunts about thy shape, Of deities, or mortals, or of both... Pretty good, huh ? Well, that's as far as I got..can't decide about the next line, but I got several choices ... (1) In Tulsa or the dales of Arkansas (2) in Taos or the dales of Oklahoma (3) in Texas or the dales of Idaho...
2009-09-30 16:34:56
Thankyou very much, Poppy. I don't think that I'm that talented. I knew that you meant other people's poems. Still nice to read though, whoever they belong to.
2009-09-30 14:38:35
...I did not mean that they were written by be, I posted other people's poems. You are more talented than I am on that score....
2009-09-30 13:40:30
Thanks Poppy. I write poems. It's not that hard to do actually. Don't write them so often nowadays though. I'd love to read the poems that you put here. Take care, Poppy...
2009-09-30 09:33:00
You're welcome, too, Mary. I used to post hundreds of poems here but have not done it much lately... have to start again.
2009-09-30 08:53:01
You're very welcome, Poppy. What a beautiful verse too from Robert Browning. Many thanks for sharing that too with us, Poppy.
2009-09-30 03:42:07
... I crossed a moor with a name of its own And a certain use in the world, no doubt, Yet a hand's-breadth of it shines alone 'Mid the blank miles round about. For there I picked upon the heather And there I put inside my breast A moulted feather, an eagle-feather! Well, I forget the rest. Robert Browing
2009-09-30 03:17:02
Thank you, Mary!
2009-09-29 14:09:32
Beautiful picture, Poppy. Many thanks for sharing this with us. The colours truly compliment each other so well.