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Old Comments:

2010-07-12 05:22:14
I was sure also it is not a lily ! :-) Yesterday evening, I thought it was a "criocère" ( in French). But, a this moment, "criocère" is only red :
2010-07-12 03:46:02
firends , I think this link can help more (Mylabris_pustulata)_on_Ipomoea_carnea_W_IMG_0593.jpg
2010-07-11 13:07:18
Thankyou for that, Entomologist. I was only trying to help, but point taken. I won't look for the beetle anymore then... :)
2010-07-11 12:58:40
Ladybug is an English vernacular name with little, or no scientific value. The usage of this name varies from place to place in English speaking countries. Lady bugs refers to members of the entomological order Coleoptera (= beetles) that has 350,000 species around the world. 25% of the world's species are "beetles" of some sort. This photo depicts ONE of these 350,000. It is useless to try to look at photos of other beetles and try to identify it. Others here have wanted to call it a "milkweed beetle" or a "long-eared blister beetle". No way, these English names refer to beetles that are not even found in Iran.
2010-07-11 12:23:34
I have a fair idea that this beetle maybe a milkweed beetle. I have done some searching online for a picture that resembles the beetle in the above photo, but it hard to find the exact one. I will keep on trying and hope I will find something soon...
2010-07-11 11:12:47
Thankyou Bugeyed. Much appreciated... :)
2010-07-11 11:07:13
Maybe not exactly the same, PG, but it looks as if you are on the right track.
2010-07-11 11:03:22
Then again on closer inspection, these 2 links don't have that stripe going along its abdomen. Maybe back to square one again ?
2010-07-11 10:58:56
I think that this beetle is this one in these 2 links. It sure looks the same to me... Large Eared Blister Beetle - Cissites auriculata
2010-07-11 10:39:54
Just posted some photos of what we call a ladybug in the US. Of course, local names, or common names, are notoriously mis-leading, whether of bugs, birds, flowers or what have you, which is why scientists use Latin,or scientific names.
2010-07-11 10:21:46
This bug's abdomen ( rear end ) does resemble a lady bug, but it's head and thorax ( middle part ) look almost like an ant. Is there an entomologist in the house ?
2010-07-11 10:13:45
You are a very talented photographer, Niaz. It is a real pleasure to see your work here... :)
2010-07-11 06:02:16
dear jujuba , yes I took them by myself , I like really like nature photography. Thanks alot for your comment.
2010-07-11 05:48:45
I think that is a ladybug in english , in persian we say ((kafshdoozak))..! I dont know name of flower but I'm sure that isn't a Lily ! Thank you so much for your comments..
2010-07-11 05:21:47
Nice pictures Niaz, did you take them yourself? :-)
2010-07-11 04:43:15
It is not a ladybug. A "criocère" ? "who" loves lilies ? I am not sure ...