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Old Comments:

2010-07-13 03:37:28
Ticks / Parasites - 2 Baby grasshoppers - 1 :P
2010-07-12 16:15:27
The little red things are some sort of parasite. Female grasshoppers do not live to see their offspring. When grasshoppers hatch from their eggs that were laid underground, they look unmistakably like grasshoppers, without wings.
2010-07-12 03:20:35
Is that purely bs or what?
2010-07-11 21:24:40
Grasshoppers are born with small, round bodies and have only very tiny, rudimentary legs, so for the first few weeks of their lives they cling to the mother grasshopper,usually beneath the wings, much as young possoms cling to and are carried about by the mother possom. This goes on until the little hoppers legs grow long enough that they are able to keep up with the grasshopper herd as it migrates across the praries.
2010-07-11 20:51:15
Grasshoppers lay their eggs underground. The red things look like ticks.
2010-07-11 15:22:52
Anyone? ** I sound like Gabrielle :P She´s so perseverant, she never gives up til she finds out what she´s a compliment ok dear ;-)
2010-07-11 10:24:32
They sure look like eggs, don't they ?
2010-07-11 04:25:43
Pardon my ignorance, but what are those tiny red things? They´re not eggs, are they?