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Posted By:Ecolette

Old Comments:

2011-09-24 23:46:59
Shut up Poppy
2011-09-24 22:14:40
Where are all the good posters??, you asked!!! It is in no small part thanks to your stupidity, narrow-mindedness and intolerance that many good posters left!!! You scabious chatterbox.
2011-09-24 20:55:12
I posted the above comment as 'fed up'. It got 19 votes so far. If I had posted it as 'Connie', it would be -19. Now, watch it go down down down.....;-)
2011-09-24 09:18:53
Much better than some of the recent stock photos of 'hot dogs', etc.
2011-09-24 02:59:52
This is definitely a protest picture, one guaranteed to have us run away screaming like banshees with the horror of it all. Where are all the good posters??
2011-09-24 02:52:37
Wonderfull pic.
2011-09-23 21:53:41
This pic and a couple others must surely be protest pictures.
2011-09-23 12:51:27
nice fotos very wonderful