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2010-12-01 18:41:19
Info at the museum: 'Always Becoming' is an external exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian by Nora Naranjo-Morse (Santa Clara Pueblo). Made of mud mixture (soil, sand, straw, water), clay, stone, black locust wood, bamboo, yam vines and pigment. Hand built on site in the Summer of 2007, this family of contemporary clay sculptures is intended to erode over time. These ever-changing works of art together reflect messages of growth, transformation, and Native peoples' relationship with the land. The sculpture on your left, known in the Tewa language as Po Khwee (Moon Woman), features hand-molded clay spheres representing phases of the moon. To your right, Ping Tse Deh (Mountain Bird) features hand-woven reed mats and locally-harvested wood.