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Old Comments:

2010-03-10 08:59:38
old or young or a minipulation by the artist of the two ? intreguing photo either way.
2008-06-07 10:04:01
around her eyes she really looks old ???
2008-06-07 05:50:20
can by a woman sufering by nanism, or just a kid working so hard, the structure of the bouns it's more accentuated than the others with the same age, p.s.: the eyes are blue
2008-06-07 04:26:28
she is scaring me and i want her to go away.
2008-06-06 21:59:27
I'm guessing she has red hair and green eyes. I can see she has fire in that smile. When she grows up, you'll look like a troll in comparison.
2008-06-06 08:55:56
Looks a little scary -like a TROLL or sumthin