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Old Comments:

2009-07-06 10:31:46
But NASA engineers, though aware of those superior propulsion systems, don't use them because Pratt and Whitney, Morton-Thiokol and the rest of those folks are all part of the Zionist Plot, led by the Rothchilds..and the Masonic Orders are in on it the Rotary Club, the Kiwanis,the Sons of Hermann, and the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.....Wake Up, People....Before It's Too Late !
2009-07-06 02:59:47
When looking at this photo it demonstrates how far backward we are with technology in propulsion systems; it is no better than 1930's engines. Propulsion systems have been designed that are light years ahead of the internal combustion engine.
2008-02-27 01:34:25
Those look like Daleks. EXTERMINATE!!!
2008-02-26 16:32:34
Thank you!
2008-02-26 16:28:45
Amazing engines!!!! great pic!!