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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2009-10-23 09:37:26
Well, Candy...I can promise you that would suit ol' Bearnaise just fine...
2009-10-23 05:15:25
This is a beautiful picture that draws you in. It makes me want to crawl into the picture and cuddle up beside the bear and promise him everything will be all right. I love this photo!
2009-03-08 03:20:20
...but as Matilda was all those thousands of miles away and Bearnaise had not seen her for many a moon, certain itchy feelings were creeping upon his mind. Chaucer aside, Bessie’s other attributes were giving a far clearer impression on Bearnaise’s mind, and - slowly - he was arising from the sad and mournful state of mind and getting ideas well beyond of a faithful husband and a father of two...
2009-03-08 03:01:23
..and wonderd what time it was..Happy Hour down at Bernice's Bear Bar started at four and he didn't want to be a buck for domestic longnecks and fifty cent tequila shots a bear could get a pretty good buzz goin' by the time six o'clock rolled around. And besides, he noticed that Bessie McBearson, the new barmaid Bernice had hired last fall, had been given' him the eye lately..not that he was all that interestd..she was cute alright, but not too swift on the uptake, and Bearnasie had realized long ago that not matter how good lookin' a lady bear might be, if she didn't have it goin' upstairs he'd get bored pretty quickly..He remembered his brief affair with Betty Bearlovsky back before he met Matilda..she was one fine-lookin' bear babe, but was culturally illiterate..she hadn't even heard of Canterbeary Tales, while Matilda could recite entire passages of it in the original Middle Bearish in which it had been while he might flirt with Bessie he wasn't nearly lonesome enough to mess around with least not yet...
2009-03-07 23:14:26
Bearnaise felt disconsolate. The economic depression had negatively affected his salmon farming business in Alaska to such an extent that he had been forced to scale down the employees to four of his cousins... whom he had kept on only because they were kin, otherwise he would have booted them out a long time ago on account of their carousing and boozing ways, coupled with all the poaching they did. Bearnaise had been forced to send his twin sons and wife Matilda back to California where Matilda could continue her career as a singer and make enough money to keep the family comfortable. – In Alaska, Bearnaise pressed his head against the fallen log and...